How do I know if my child is learning at Preschool?

In order to know what to look for in a preschool program, it’s important to understand how young children learn… their brains are absorbing so much more than ABCs and 123s.

A good early childhood curriculum focuses on multi-sensory instruction.  By offering children a variety of engaging activities, teachers facilitate learning in all areas of development.

This simple explanation provided by Kaplan’s Learn Every Day Curriculum is a nice overview of preschool learning expectations.  There is an easy-to-read description of each subject area.  The format is easy for both parents and teachers to understand and appreciate.


Learn Every Day Overview for Parents
Carrie Zwiercan is Owner and Executive Director of The Discovery Tree Child Care Centers, three locations in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  The Discovery Tree teachers use Kaplan’s Learn Every Day Curriculum for Infants through Pre-K.